Tired of Never Feeling Caught Up?

Do you feel like if only there was a way to get more organized… life would be so much easier?!

You need more time for planning and organizing at work and more time for family and fun at home…

I don’t have a magic wand to make more than 24 hrs in a day (and if I did have one, I think I’d rather use it to magic Covid away right now!)

What I do have, is a decade of experience of running a business alongside my family and work commitments.

That takes skills in planning and organization.

It takes systems and time management.

I use all of those skills in my work life to stay caught up and I’d love to teach them to you!

I want you to help you to…

  • Finish work before leaving each day.
  • Have healthy boundaries between work and home.
  • Manage your stress by making time for fun!
  • Feel like you have a routine that works for you.

I also want to help you to know when the workload really is too much and that it is NOT. YOUR. FAULT!


This is a Pre-Sale offer. This product is not instantly available (because I’m still putting the finishing touches on it!) But by purchasing today you get the best available price and will be given access as soon as it is complete and in plenty of time for your 2021 planning!

What you’ll get:

  • My 3 Step “Calm & Clear” Planning System – I’ll teach you the systems and tools I use to manage my time effectively. I’ll also show you how to clear the tasks that shouldn’t be on your schedule and free up more of your time for where you can really make an impact.
  • My “Workload Balance Planning Sheet” – Do you often wonder if it is you who needs to be more efficient or if the workload is really just too much? (Hello Crazy Caseload Numbers!) Use this tool each week to lay out your “to do” list. You will know if it is you or the workload AND you will know what you should do about it!
  • The “Calm & Clear” 2021 Planner (with Printable AND Digital options) – I want to be sure that you implement the tools and systems I teach without having to spend time pulling it together by yourself. That’s why the planner I have designed is the perfect companion to my time management system and tools.


  • How to be Organized for Healthy Lunches on a School Day!  – One of my biggest challenges with time management was fitting in time to meal prep, especially because I have extra dietary needs that make it hard to grab something on the way in to work. I worked with an amazing Health Coach to get the basics in place to make sure that I could eat well consistently, even on the mornings when we all overslept! She has given me permission to share her tips and tricks with you (and some gorgeous, healthy recipes too!)  so the meal prep routine I used to grab a healthy lunch for school each day is included as a bonus today!

Don’t Delay – With this Black Friday Offer you get the best price on this package AND it will pop into your inbox in plenty of time for an organized New Year!

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