Hi, I’m Kathryn!

I know I need to put my health & well-being first…

I know that because I have been through a health crisis brought on by burnout. My journey began with a series of frightening emergency hospitalizations.

Seemingly endless tests and no clear answers led me to a discovery of the damaging effects of chronic stress on my body. In order to be well I have had to accept making myself and my needs a priority.

There is a culture of overwork and overwhelm in education and it’s nothing new.  I’m from a family of teachers and I grew up watching evenings, weekends and school holidays eaten into by lesson planning and prep.

But there is a better way than burnout. We need to change our mindset AND our behaviour so that we can be our best selves as Educators and still have energy to thrive at home.

I’ve created The Recharge Hub as the special space to make sure we do just that!

My family and I live in Ireland where (when the sun shines), it’s beautiful. The reality though is that we have far more wet and windy days than we do Summer sunshine. So although these photos give me a reminder that the sun will shine again, much of my exercise and self-care has to be done indoors or wearing several layers of waterproofs and good strong boots. 

Getting decent photographs on those days can be more of a challenge but I must try and do that so that you can see more of the everyday reality and not just my highlights reel.

Speech Therapy Printables

If you are an SLP or teacher who is familiar with buying printables on Teachers Pay Teachers, then you might recognise my “Teaching Talking” brand?

I’ve been designing and selling digital products for the past eight years. The products I design make lesson planning easier and cut prep time, giving you back your Sunday evenings to spend with your family.

By now I know my customers well. I have had heartfelt conversations with Educators all over the world. We all face the same challenges. However many lesson plans or digital tools we have to save us time, there will always be another demand at school or at home to add to the list. When the list gets longer, our own needs get pushed to the bottom and our health and well-being starts to suffer.

I’ve been there and I don’t want to go back. I’ve created the Recharge Hub because I need a self-care plan and I need experts to help keep me accountable. If that sounds like something you need too, then I’d love you to join me!