Movement: Mindset, Foundations and Application

BY Allison Springer

Allison is back! This time she’s on a mission to get educators moving as a way of recharging

   Movement and rest in balance are vital for health and happiness.

Consider the amount of exercise and movement you are able to build into your day. Do you feel satisfied and energized with the amount or the intensity? Perhaps you are over training to suppress your anxious thoughts? Or you feel underactive as a result of a sedentary job situation? Recovery is as important as exercise. Are you getting enough sleep each night? Do you wake rested and refreshed? Would you benefit from taking a short rest in the middle of the day, perhaps including a meditation to relax your mind?

In the next video Alison introduces some of the foundational aspects of building movement into your day.

The final video shows you some great ways of applying what you have learned!